Quality: Task Oriented, Expressive, High-Level

Guiding Principle:
People are naturally concerned with higher level tasks more than the details of how a task is carried out. An intuitive language should provide high level operations for common tasks.

in SenseTalk:
Many common high level operations are supported, including: reading, writing or updating a file; sorting data; repeating an operation for a given period of time; manipulating text using chunk expressions; multiple assignment.

put file "/tmp/myData.txt" into myData
put newTotal into line 3 of file "/tmp/summary"

put "-^- " repeated 10 times into divider
put divider —> -^- -^- -^- -^- -^- -^- -^- -^- -^- -^-

sort the lines of myData in descending numeric order by the last word of each

repeat for two minutes

set remainder to initialQuantity minus quantityUsed but never less than zero

put "s" after the third word of line 2 of content
set items (2,4,5,7) of scores to (65,80,95,75)

replace every occurrence of "matrix" in paragraph with "array"

get each item of shapes whose location is within targetArea