Human Centric

Clearly, a People Oriented Programming language must be "Human Centric" — but exactly what does that mean?

Human Centric means the language is closely aligned to human needs and behaviors. A Human Centric language should provide the tools and capabilities that people need, and it should work the way that people think rather than forcing people to mold their thinking to match the way the computer works.

SenseTalk has a number of attributes that support this definition.

  • First of all, SenseTalk is a Natural language. It is very English-like, making well-written scripts extremely easy to read and understand. Being close to natural language makes it easier to think in SenseTalk while working on the solution to a problem.
  • SenseTalk is Flexible, allowing you to express things in the way that feels natural and comfortable to you, rather than having to conform to a single style.
  • SenseTalk is Fluid, adapting seamlessly and automatically to the way you interact with values rather than treating them as conforming to a rigid type.
  • Concepts and approaches are Consistent across different tasks, making it easy to apply knowledge gained from one script to another.