Quality: Flexible

Guiding Principle:
People don't always think about things in a consistent way. We naturally tend to vary the way we think and speak. An intuitive language should be consistent in its behavior but flexible regarding the way things are expressed, to accommodate some variation in the way commands and expressions are written.

In SenseTalk:
Many operators can be expressed in multiple ways. Some commands support a flexible syntax that allows the order of phrases to be varied (replace command, sort, etc.). Many different date formats are recognized.

if foo < bar
if foo is less than bar
if foo comes before bar

if quantity is a multiple of ten
if quantity is evenly divisible by ten

replace comma with colon in text
replace every occurrence of comma in text with colon
replace with colon every comma in text

set independenceDay to "July 4, 1776"
set independenceDay to "7/4/1776"
set independenceDay to "1776-07-04"