Quality: Consistent

Guiding Principle:
A people oriented language should work as expected, in a consistent way. The learning curve is flattened if a pattern learned in one command or situation can be applied in another.

In SenseTalk:
All types of containers (variables, files, global properties, and even chunks of other containers) can be treated alike, using the same commands and operators.

add one to count -- increment a variable
add one to line two of file "/tmp/scores" -- increment a chunk of a file
add one to the readTimeout -- increment a global property

put the second character of "GERANIUM" —> "E"
put the second word of "We Shall Overcome" —> "Shall"
put the second item of [2,4,6,8] —> 4

Given the preceding examples, what command would you write to access the second line of a file?
put the second line of file "myFile.txt"